Film projects, Personal animations, breakdowns and examples of some of my 2D & 3D Work can be found below, including some older works.

University Projects

Made during my second year at the University of Hertfordshire, Fusspot tells a short story about an ambitious 'foodie' Capuchin monkey. I was involved with this project from the start as a Core member of the team, and animated 3 of the 7 CG shots within the film.

Find out more about this project through our interview with Ftrack.

RUNAWAY - My third year degree project at the University of Hertfordshire. Made with Callum Mckay and Paulina Rybakaite. I was responsible for Concepting, Art Direction, & all animation - as well as other bits and bobs. We developed this film alongside other work in our final year.

Initially much larger in scope, we had the challenge of streamlining our narrative into a feasible workload during the Coronavirus pandemic. View our entry to the Rookies here!

Personal Animation - Playblasts

November 2020

May 2020

September 2019

Animation Showreels

June 2021

January 2020

April 2019

3D Personal Works

2D Personal Works


All of the work above was created during my time at the University of Hertfordshire on the 3D Animation & Modeling course. For more details, images, and work-in-progress examples of my work at the University, including animation, you can find my 3-year-long work thread on the course's 3D/VFX centric forum here

Feel free to also check out more work through my social media links below!